I don't know about you, but once Covid hit, and the Stay-Safe-At-Home orders were initiated, I started to go through a massive cleaning binge. I've been working from the same home I share with my 4 kids, so space is at a premium. And I had to make more of it, or we may not make it out alive!

"Quaran-cleaning" I call it. And as I went around from room to room, making piles of stuff to throw, stuff to keep and stuff to give away, I noticed the "throw" and "give away" piles were getting pretty big.

(Side note: I cannot see any reason to throw something that's still useful away, if it might be useful to someone else. I am also a huge fan of thrift-shopping. Most of what's in my house or on my body is second hand. It's the way I was brought up, and I'm a sucker for thinking that I get to give something that still has some life in it a second chance.)

The trash hasn't really been a problem, as the pick ups are still going on. But with nowhere to bring the items that I wanted to donate(my go-tos of Goodwill, Salvation Army and The Attic were either closed or not accepting drop-offs) my piles got bigger and bigger. They have currently taken over my spare room to the point where I can barely fit through the door.

But the days are numbered for those piles! A recent article from the Bangor Daily News said that thrift shops are now accepting donations again!

"Currently Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity and The Salvation Army are accepting donations at their locations around Maine. Smaller thrift stores may also be open for donations but people should call ahead to see if they are open for drop offs and what — if any — COVID-19 protocols are in place. "

And I know The Attic is also taking donations, because I follow them on Facebook. They also have some specific guidelines when it comes to dropping off items:

"Effective immediately we will only be accepting donations on Wednesday’s & Saturday’s 10:00 am to Noon (unless our donation room fills earlier). Please call ahead if you have a large load - (207) 945-5523! Please remember all donations need to be in a sealed bag or box unless of course it’s furniture. You will also be required to bring your item into our donation room."

Bottom line, it will be great to get rid of the stuff I don't need anymore. Even better is knowing that with so many people in need right now, hopefully that stuff will go to good use and help someone else.





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