We learned more juicy news at the Mark Strong Sr. trial in Alfred yesterday, and our aim is to keep you right up to date on all the decadence and debauchery!

As we all know by now, Strong is facing 12 counts of promotion of prostitution and one count of conspiracy to promote prostitution for his alleged role in a prostitution business that Alexis Wright is accused of operating in the seedy (don't walk on the carpet barefoot) confines of her Kennebunk Pura Vida Zumba studio.

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Yesterday, the jurors and everyone else within earshot heard the testimony of Toppings Pizza manager Dan Racaniello, who operated the pizza parlor next door to the Zumba studio in the 8 York St. Kennebunk complex.  Although Racaniello claimed he saw men entering a side door to the Zumba studio after hours, this is where it gets real good.

Racaniello said he once delivered spaghetti and meatballs to Alexis Wright at her apartment at the Day Street Cousens School Apartments in Kennebunk.  Alexis met Racaniello at the door only wearing a towel, she then invited him in. While going through her wallet, she dropped her towel, and there she stood, in all her nakedness, the Zumba sessions had definitely paid off.

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She was standing there in front of me naked,” Racaniello told the court. “I looked away, and when I looked back, she was still standing there naked. It was awkward.”

While Chef Boyardee was looking the other way, he took notice of a white sheet draped over a couch, computers and laptops...and web cams.  Security system....we don't think so.

The delivery was only $8, Alexis gave Mr. Meatball $40 and told him to keep the change.  Nice tip.

Defense attorney Daniel Lilley questioned Racaniello, who claimed that Alexis "hit" on him, and he believed the so called Madam wanted to start a relationship.  Mr. Racaniello told all, “I was uninterested".

Earlier in the day, the landlord of the Zumba studio, Christopher West, said that he heard “moaning and groaning" coming from the space above that he had rented to Wright....while he was hiding in the first-floor salon underneath Wright’s office.  He had earlier received "complaints" about the Zumba hottie and was under her..... to watch the foot traffic to and from the office....and to listen.

West testified, "I was there to directly observe some of the complaints directed toward Alexis Wright, and observed a high volume of men showing up at her rental space in approximately half-hour to one-hour increments, starting very early in the morning and lasting up until about 2.

West is also Captain of the Saco Fire Department, so he's used to "hot stuff".

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West claimed that he went into the Zumba office on two different occasions to find a massage table, video camera and tripod, as well as a box of adult toys and used condoms, among other things.  Other things?  Perhaps the ever popular "Domination Feetish Sheet" that was seized as evidence?  Probably unrecognizable gear,even to a man who's used to working with hoses.

Defense attorney Lilley argued that even if pornography was filmed in the office, it was not explicitly restricted in the lease or by law. Today all across the state, landlords and their lawyers are quickly reviewing their current leases, so that they may prevent porn from occurring in their rented spaces, or, maybe making plans to accept royalty payments.  Someone call Ron Jeremy and get him up from his hospital bed, quick!

Today, Friday, the defense is focusing on the deletion of files concerning the Kennebunk Police Department's lead investigator in the case.  Mark Strong Sr. was doing his own investigation of the Kennebunk Police Department prior to his arrest, and his defense is claiming "police payback".

Man, this only gets better.  Keep an eye here for more lurid updates...if you dare.