I can't imagine a world without my dog.

I really can't. It's funny too, because I never had a pet all my own when I was a kid. We had cats and stuff, but I feel like my mom was much closer to our pets than I was. I thought they were great, but I didn't have the connection to them that I have to my furry boy now. We have a bond unlike I have with almost any other living thing.


I've often wondered what route I'll take to commemorate him after he's gone. Would I cremate him? Would I bury him out in the back part of the property? All things I'd rather not think about at all, honestly. But at UnderHill Mills in Gorham, they're offering something a bit different, according to WGME.

They'll spin your pet's hair into yarn.

For real! Or should I say, fur real? But yes, they can take your pet's hair and spin it into a yarn that could be used to make all manner of clothing. Depending on the size of your pet and how much they shed, you could make a hat or a sweater. It may sound a little funky at first, but the more I think about it, the more appealing the idea becomes.

Spinning Wool
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At least for me. They wash and clean the hair, and once it dries out, it can be spun into the yarn. There is a big demand currently, so it could take a minute to get the yarn back. Not to mention, if you don't know how to knit or anything, you'll need to find somebody to do it for you.

But again, I think it's absolutely a fantastic way to honor your fur babies. It's unique, but hardly awkward, and you'd be able to have your pet with you as much as you want. Imagine your beloved dog or cat or whatever, keeping your head warm all during the cold months, just like when they used to snuggle up to keep you warm. It's pure love.

I wish people saw mutts as a breed by themselves...

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