Last week felt awesome, right?

To be fair, I don't really care for the hot summer weather. For whatever reason, it brings out the worst in me. I have friends who thrive in it in indescribable ways. I'm a spring and fall guy myself. The weather isn't too hot, not too cold... We even have a few random warm days thrown in just for good measure.

But when we get to the part of summer where the 80's and 90's rule, I start to lose my steam. But when it's still early enough in the season, like right now, it's easy to get excited about seeing the first real glimpses of the rest of the summer. On the other hand, it also reminds me that I really need to get the AC units in the windows, haha.

This week is looking even more awesome than last week.

That is, if you're a fan of nice, toasty weather. According to the National Weather Service, we're going to get well above 80 a couple days this week, and topping over 90 degrees on Thursday. Wednesday and Friday will be in the mid 80's. So if you were looking for a little more of that hot stuff from last week, you're a winner!


It's funny though, as is traditionally the case in Maine, the high temp on Friday is slated for around 85 degrees, but the high on Saturday will come in about 20 degrees cooler than the day before. Long range, things are looking more seasonable with temps in the 70's.

Sometimes I wish I lived in one of those places where it was just 60-70 degrees year round, but I'll always gladly trade our weather for its lack of strong hurricanes, weak tornadoes, poisonous animals, etc... Some things are worth putting up with.

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