If you woke up to no internet this morning, don't worry, you probably remembered to pay your bill. And you're not alone! Time Warner says the nationwide outage occurred during 'routine maintenance.'

We had internet at the studios when I arrived this morning, but it went out shortly after I got here. We thought it was a problem in the building but quickly learned that it's a nationwide issue with Time Warner Cable.According to the range of posters on a website called DownDetector, outages were being seen everywhere from Texas to New York, North Carolina to Maine.

Time Warner Cable said in a statement this morning that crews are still investigating the cause of the problem, which occurred with its Internet backbone, the paths that local or regional networks connect to in order to carry data long distances.

The company says the problem affected all of its markets, starting at 4:30 a.m. Eastern Time and was largely restored by 6 a.m. Updates continue to bring all customers back online. TW users took to social networks to complain about the outages.

Time Warner Cable, which is being acquired by rival cable company Comcast, has about 11 million subscribers nationwide.


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