Houlton isn't the only place in Maine to experience this.

Earlier this year, we wrote about how folks in Hampden were saying there was a nonstop loud hum that just seemed to permeate the town. I even shared about how the same thing used to happen to me when I lived in Bangor. It's just this low-end hum that you hear until another noise interrupts it. I never heard it when the windows were open.


But as soon as I shut them, it'd start immediately. I attributed it to rooftop AC units on businesses nearby. But all this in Hampden and Houlton makes me wonder if there's more to the story. Folks in Houlton were talking all about recently on the Unexplained Maine page on Facebook.

It's actually a worldwide phenomenon.

Normally, I'm not one who's prone to wacky conspiracy theories or anything like that, but since I'm pretty convinced I've heard this hum myself, I decided to dig a little deeper. According to Wikipedia, this happens all over the world. The explanations for why it happens run from the supernatural, to extremely explainable.


Some folks think this is proof that 5G technology is messing with our heads. I assumed it was machinery near my house at the time. These days on the rare occasions I've heard it at my current house, I figured it was the radon mitigation fan. But many scientists believe it could be people who become fixated on background noises, causing them to be hyper-focused on certain frequencies. Others just think it's a form of tinnitus.

The only thing that's consistent across the board is that no one is really totally sure enough to commit to one solid answer. So could it be something really normal? Sure. Could it be something totally sinister or paranormal? I have no proof it isn't. While we don't have any definitive answers, you'll just have to decide for yourself.

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