You can file this under "What were they thinking?!"

Erin Braley has lived in Dixmont for her entire life. Admittedly, she says she's seen a lot in her almost 40 years on this planet, especially in her hometown.

"Dixmont is one of those good ole boy towns where generations of families live and they definitely get clever when moving things and working or building."

As she was driving in town Saturday afternoon, one sight did cause her to do a double-take, and even prompted her to turn around and snap a photo.


"It was around 3 pm today, I live out that way. You never know what you will see in Dixmont it's definitely not uncommon to see crazy stuff like that around town. It was at a medical marijuana store called Dirt Road Acres at the intersection of Route 7 and Route 9 in Dixmont."

What was it that caught Braley's eye? Why it was a three-wheeler on the back of an early 2000s Mustang.

Dixmont, Erin Braley
Dixmont, Erin Braley

Braley posted it to the "Dixmont Doings, Rants, and Raves" Facebook page, and well, she wasn't alone in her amusement and astonishment!

"Haha I love Dixmont!!! Glad to see at least some things have stayed the same over my 39 years here."

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We have no idea why someone would think to put a 3-wheeler on the back of a sports car like that, outside of obviously not having access to a trailer to tow it on and perhaps not wanting to actually drive the thing.

And I would love to hear the story of how they got the thing up there. But that's a tale for another day.


For now, I think we can all agree that it's certainly a different way of doing things. But, someone was definitely proactive in the problem-solving department today. Whether or not they've created other problems from this solution remains to be seen. But they get an A for effort in my book!

Thank you, Maine. Thank you, Dixmont. And thank you Erin Braley for the good chuckle on this hot weekend.

Carry this case, right on the back of your Mustang, it would seem!

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