Julia's run on American Idol has come to an end

It was "Adele Night" on American Idol, with a chance to make it to the Top 5. On paper, this would seem to be a no-brainer, since Julia Gagnon crushed an Adele song earlier in the competition, but when the votes were cast at the end of the show, her name was not called, after her impressive cover of "Set Fire To The Rain"

Throughout this incredible streak, Julia has gained a ton of fans, and they took the news pretty hard

Christine Banda Laing

Julia, it was an incredible night watching you deliver two solid performances. YOU ARE OUR MAINE IDOL and I look forward to seeing you on tour with your American Idol family. Thank "you" for taking us along on this journey, and I am so looking forward to watching your singing career continue to blossom!

Annie Paine
I'm so upset about this!!!!!! She was my pick to win it!!!

Rhonda Louise Taylor
Noooooo im so sad...Julia was amazing tonight...she was definitley in the top 3....
I stopped watching American Idol when they voted Chris Daughtry off. I only started watching because of Julia...time to stop again....

Jennifer Bradbury
She was amazing tonight. This is just the first step for her.

Amy Profenno Jurgen
Heart breaking! She did so good and made Maine proud!

There is no doubt that this is just the beginning for Julia Gagnon. She has an incredbile career ahead of her in music.

Thank you, for making the entire State of Maine proud, Julia!'

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