A 19-year-old man was seriously injured Saturday and flown by LifeFlight to the hospital after an ATV crash in Appleton. The crash happened around 4:45 pm near Collinstown Road.

Man Suffered Head Injuries after ATV Crash

Police said the man had a serious head injury after he crashed and the four-wheeler landed on top of him. His name was not released.

Teen was Riding Ahead of a Group

The teen was riding ahead of a group of riders. They found him on the ground when they caught up with him, said Pen Bay Pilot News.

Rescue Crew Removed ATV

First responders lifted the vehicle off the man and provided medical attention at the scene.

Flown by LifeFlight to the Hospital

A LifeFlight of Maine helicopter transported the man to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor.

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