It's time for a little word association. Are you ready? Here we go.


I'm going to venture a guess that you said "lobster". Or maybe it was "seafood". There's a good reason for that; it's what Maine is mostly known for. Sure, the state is beautiful with its rocky coastline and majestic forests and parks, but the true symbol of Maine is a crustacean.

But that crustacean and all of its ocean friends aren't just a symbol. They are what helps drive this state's economy. In fact, they are probably the most important factor in a financially healthy Maine economy.

Thanks to Stacker, we got our hands on a list of the state's largest exports. It should be no surprise to see seafood as Maine's number one export. The industry still remains strong, even with more regulations throughout the years.

However, we can't say that about every industry, as some have sadly fallen. Whether it's due to outsourcing, regulations, modernization, or other factors, I'm sure the top of the export list looks a lot different than a few decades ago.

Even with the shift, there are still some strong manufactured exports out there. Paper is still hanging on in the top five, even with an uncertain future. On the flip side, there is the aerospace and airplane parts industry. This has continued to grow, and has clearly earned its top four ranking.

The largest export list is rather diverse. There is everything from pharmaceutical products to carpets and textiles. And there are plenty of other food products beyond seafood that make the cut.

You can view the list below. It's a very unique look into Maine's economy, where it's been, and what the future might hold.

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