The largest pharmacy chain in America is headed for some tough times.

Walgreens announced last week that they would be spending the rest of 2024 "resetting" their business strategy in hopes of being more profitable in the next few years.

According to CNN, part of that resetting includes closing more than 100 underperforming locations in 2024, with more likely to follow in 2025.

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Walgreens' initial round of closures will focus on their stores that are the least profitable, have too many reported cases of theft, or are located too close to other Walgreens stores. The company will reassess its stores in 2025 and announce more closures for underperforming locations.

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At the time of the announcement, Walgreens didn't specify which locations would be closing.

Correction: An earlier version of this story reported five Maine Walgreens stores as listed for closure. A representative for Walgreens reached out stating the list was false and reiterated that the company "has not made any decision on which stores across the country will close and timing."

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