Maine is actually a huge state.

I read somewhere once, that if you were to put a hinge at Kittery, Maine would flip all the way down to Delaware. Luckily, land hinges aren't a thing. It would probably be a pretty massive amount of culture shock if folks from Aroostook County all of a sudden woke up one day, and they were in proximity to Washington, D.C.

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Now, that little factoid is true. It's easily provable on any map, that you could flip Maine and end up hundreds of miles down south. But... there's also a ton of misconceptions about living up in the County. Especially from new visitors to our fine state. Pretty sure most of them think we're Eskimos from Massachusetts. Like some sort of congregation of polar Amish people or something.

Let the County folk tell you of their plight, in their own words.

I've visited up north on numerous occasions to play music over the years, but I don't live there. So I'm not really qualified to speak on their behalf, but I will defend them to the hilt. It's bad enough just living in Maine, with everybody thinking it's a part of Canada. But just imagine living in a part of the state the most people don't even acknowledge that it even exists.

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On Reddit, there was a thread of fine folks from up the highway that offered some of their favorite lies that they have either heard people actually say, or perhaps a humorous take on things they may have heard. Either way, I figure living up that way must come with a whole lot of eye rolling.

Anyhow, we can just let the county folks speak for themselves...

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