I suppose it depends on who you ask...

If you were to take a poll of just my wife, you'd find that perhaps I should probably do a little better at saying I'm sorry. I don't mean to be a jerk about it, I'm just always right! I'm kidding of course, because being respectful to my wife is a top priority. And if we're ever in a situation where we don't feel we're respecting each other, we absolutely apologize.

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Honestly though, have you ever stopped to think about how many times a day you say you're sorry? I can't. I know I feel obliged to apologize fairly often, but I'm also a loudmouthed, not-very-funny, jerk who can't keep his mouth shut half the time. So I'm forced to atone for my ways quite a bit. But moreover, do really mean it when you do say you're sorry?

One website managed to quantify how often people apologized.

Preply.com surveyed a couple thousand people to get a glimpse into the world of making up for what you just said. Out of the all states in the country, Maine came in at #4. We apologize and average of 3.9 times a day. New England in general seemed pretty sorry. But if you were curious where they apologized the least, it's California.

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And if you want to the most sorry's, you'll need to visit the great state of Iowa. They let you know how bad they feel almost 5 times a day. Now here's where it gets interesting though... This study says only half of people say they're actually sincere about it. And of course, the hardest person to apologize to, was their spouse.

Here's the interesting twist in the story... We're two-faced jerks.

While Maine is at #4 for the most apologies, we top the list at #1 for the least sincere apologies. So while we may whip out the magic words all the time, we obviously never mean it. How can we have a foot so firmly planted on both sides of the fence?! Well, to Mainers, it's not that much of a shock, probably. We know how we are.

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But it is pretty funny that we're so thoughtful, but in the least thoughtful way imaginable. Apparently we have perfected the art of pouring apologies down your back and telling you it's raining. Good job, Maine! And people wonder why we're so angry...

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