The things that people from away believe about Maine, are hilarious.

We've all got a couple of "those stories" under our belt. The stories where someone, not from Maine, has these weird beliefs about Maine. We've all heard how people think Maine is part of Canada, or a county in Massachusetts. At least one of those things is partially believable, based on actual history.

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Yes, we were once part of Mass. But I've also heard that some folks think Maine is basically in the Arctic Circle, and that we must see polar bears regularly. And no one really believes us when we talk about how hot and humid Maine can get. While I'm not comparing us to Florida, it's worse than most people assume it is.

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But I've never heard of people thinking we can't get basic groceries.

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There was one woman on Reddit recently, from California, and she actually had the audacity to ask if Maine had access to avocados. Come on... this is preposterous. Like, we're not locked out of the rest of the United States. Sure, we're not the urban epicenter of the Northeast, but we're also not a bunch of redneck morons trapped in the woods either.

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Then, she tried to make it seem like it was all some kind of big joke. This didn't sit well with Mainers either. Because she obviously think that we're either complete dumbasses, or too stupid to realize what she was asking. She performed what my grandfather used to call, "whizzing down your back, and telling you it's raining".

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The comment section on the post was pure gold.

There were people letting this woman know that, not only do we have avocados, we even have gas powered cars and electricity. One person asked, "what's a avocado?"... And this is what I love about Maine. We are the kings of letting you ask stupid questions, and then deliver nothing but stupid answers.

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People from away should learn one lesson about Mainers... We're a friendly folk, and would generally love to get along with people from other places. But if you decide to play games with us, we'll let you know how silly an idea that is. You'll never find a state with sharp tongues, and even sharper wit. Don't mess with Mainers.

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