We've all been there...

Recently, I was out to breakfast, and there was this guy a couple seats away that was yakking away full tilt, on his phone. About...Absolutely...Nothing. The weather, some restaurant he went to the week before, and then 3 more dumb phone calls just like that ensued. Totally the type of call that if I received, I'd either ignore, or excuse myself and go outside, like a gentleman. Unlike the slack jawed troglodyte down the way.

It got me thinking about other painfully obvious places that you should be a normal human, and stay off the phone. Here's my personal Top 5:

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It would seem like this is perfectly obvious, but this guy showed me this morning that ignorance of others has no bounds. Maybe I should swing by his place at dinner time, and practice my drums outside his window? I've been told that loud drums during your meal is very romantic... If you're also a drummer.

Forests/Hiking Trails

Senior couple walking together by a lake

Local hiking trails can be such a quiet, peaceful place. Til Johnny or Jenny iPhone starts asking husband/wife what they need to pick up for the baby at Target. How is it possible that this conversation can't wait until you're back in your car? Why do me and the squirrels need to know that you need toilet paper?


Working on my abs at the gym

know I'm not alone on this one... Are you hear to exercise your mouth? Are your jowls getting a good workout? How many reps up and down did your lower jaw do today? Not to mention, people who spend so much time on their phones at the gym, aren't getting anything done. Except posting on Instagram that they're at the gym.

Checkout Aisle

Cropped view of young woman putting goods on counter in supermarket

This one kills me. As a friend pointed out to me once, how many times have you been behind someone in line, only to have them answer the phone just so they can tell the person that they're in line and can't talk on the phone?! Have you considered simply not answering the phone?

Public Bathroom


Seriously....it's gross on so many levels. Have you never heard of airborne fecal matter? And not just that crap coming out of your mouth either. Your covering your phone in poo cells. *Cell* phone indeed....

Now here's the thing... There is always an exception to the rule. If you're parents, and the sitter calls, that's a no brainer. Emergencies are always the exception. That's what cell phones are for. Or answer it, and gracefully exit the room to take the call. But if you can't tell that other people around you hate what you're doing, maybe you should close your mouth and open your eyes, bub.

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