I've only ever had to take a drug test once.

Years ago, I worked at a food service company that provided food for international flights. Since we interfaced directly with the airport, for federal reasons everyone had to be tested beforehand. But in every other food service situation I'd ever been in previously, it wasn't a requirement.

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Not that I'm going to lift the veil too high on the restaurant industry, but if you started doing a lot of drug testing in kitchens, there would be no one to cook your food. In fact, Maine as a state is very complex when it comes to drug testing laws. To the point where Maine doesn't even test at the state level for state employees, generally speaking.

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But what about weed, now that it's legal in Maine?

Well, when Maine legalized weed back in 2016, verbiage was added that basically forbade employers from discriminating against cannabis users. However, the law does say that your boss doesn't have to let you puff at work, or on the job. In fact, Maine is an at-will employment state, so you could technically even be fired for being high on the job.


So while you can't be discriminated against, you have to use some judgment and common sense. In this day and age, employers are likely far more interested in culling out people who are potentially using harder drugs than marijuana. But here in Maine, cannabis alone can't be enough to keep you from being hired.

Eric Audras
Eric Audras

From a purely academic perspective, it's kind of fascinating how it's all unfolding here in Maine. At this point, many states have also legalized cannabis and are likely trying to navigate all these new laws, that defy the past... Not to mention federal law. But if you're worried about weed on a pre-employment test in Maine? Don't sweat it.

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