Weather in Maine is a mockery for those who try to forecast it.

I really do feel bad for meteorologists in Maine. It's way more than a full-time job. No matter what the models predict, there's a solid chance the weather will just do whatever it wants. Mother Nature often seems to take great pride in leading us astray. I always joke, she only gives Maine the weather no one wants.

Car on the street covered by icy rain

This last 12 months has proven it. This time a year ago, we barley had any snow on the ground and I was picking ticks off my dog. since then we had the summer that never existed, the fall that was winter and summer at points. And now, here we are with the first real snow we've had on the ground all winter. Go figure. Gotta settle out next month, right?

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There's conflicting info about February, depending on where you look.

Last week, you may have seen that we mentioned that February could be a bit of a bear. The Old Farmer's Almanac has been saying for a while that February would bring crazy cold and a ton of snow, and went even further by stating it was going to feel like a really looong winter.


That is certainly disheartening news. However, if we were to take a more... ahem, scientific approach, to the forecast, we may find the news a bit more palatable. According to the Accuweather forecast, Maine is looking pretty average temperature-wise, and snow doesn't seem to be a real issue.

Of course, we're trying to predict weather that's days to weeks away. Is that even a reasonable thing to do? Probably not. Lord knows, as we've stated, the weather does what the weather wants. We don't get a say. We'll just have to re-visit this at the end of next month and see how it all shakes out...

If the temps do take a nose-dive, these things should be inside where it's warm...

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