You will never run out of weird things on Craigslist.

Craigslist is like the Wild West of local internet in so many ways. Like, if you go to the New York City CL, it's about as bizarre as you'd think. There's certain sections where there are always people looking for the strangest things. Some obviously more savory than others. Some people just want a free weathervane. But even some of the most benign, harmless things being sought on Craigslist are totally out there.

Rusty rooster weather vane for sale at a flea market
Kimbra Ritchie

Then when you start looking on Craigslist Maine, things can get just as weird. When you go to places like the Gigs section, or the Free section, things can get downright strange. Take this ad that I found on there. The ask itself seems fairly harmless, but it's also quite odd.

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A dude is looking to hire a 'female UFC fighter' to beat up his buddy.

Now, it seems what this guy is actually after, is a woman that could legit beat the crap out of his friend. Not someone to pretend. All for a bachelor party. Could be worse, I guess. But still...

This is a double edged sword. If you start getting into a world where someone is a professional, you're asking for trouble when you try to step into their game. This guy needs to know he's going to get his ass kicked.

CL Maine
CL Maine

If you're a woman who's willing to take on this offer, it does say he's willing to pay $200. He should double that offer. Also, you should show up with a contract saying that guy can't sue when you beat the snot out of his face. He asked for it, so don't feel bad doing it. But protect yourself from being sued.


Most importantly, bring all your training buddies. Might as well shoe up with a posse to cheer you on. Plus, it might be a good idea to have some backup. You're about to embarrass this guy and who knows how some dude's ego will deal with it when you choke him out in front of his friends, haha. Otherwise, good luck and swing for the fences!

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