Do you remember the first time you had lobster?

I was so young, because we love it so much in my family, that I can't remotely remember. But it's been the go-to celebration food in my family forever. Graduations, milestone birthdays, anniversaries... all those have almost always been accompanied by lobster in some form or other.

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I can't say I remember my first lobster roll either. I'm sure it happened the day after my first lobster dinner, like it does in most houses. But I've had just about every version of a lobster roll you can think of since then. In restaurants, at home, or even in little shacks by the side of the road, along the coast.

The lobster roll has become one of Maine's most iconic foods.

lobster roll on colorful retro painted wooden planks

Tourists, when they come to Maine, often the first question they ask, is where they can find the quintessential Maine lobster roll. Everyone will give you a different answer. Some folks love Red's. Some folks love them at McLaughlin's in Bangor. It really is a pretty subjective opinion.

Hello lobster isolated on white background

My personal favorite is at Scales in Portland. Once upon a time, I worked there when it was still in the Portland Public Market (RIP). Ok, maybe the RIP isn't totally fair, but it also isn't what it was back then... Anyhoo... The carefully picked lobster poached to finish in beurre fondue, which is a creamy butter sauce. I could eat 5 right now.

Two lobster rolls in a V stand with parsley on a slate
Peter Acker

The lobster roll has gone worldwide.

According to, the lobster roll has achieved worldwide status. At this time, it ranks as the #12 sandwich in the whole world. That's pretty impressive, considering just how local it is. Sure, there are other places you can find a lobster roll, but none as iconic as the ones from Maine.

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No one hears about killer lobster rolls from Utah or Arizona. They may show up there from time to time, but Maine has perfected it. Sure, there's been debate over the years, as to exactly where lobster rolls were invented, but it doesn't matter. When you have the best one, who cares who invented it. But the Maine lobster roll has finally earned its place alongside the most important sandwiches on Earth.

Have you had a lobster roll from any of these spots?

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