It's safe to say, a lot of folks have eclipse fever.

I've been watching the buzz on social media, on the news, and around the water cooler for months. When it first became widely publicized a few years ago that Maine would be in the path of totality for an upcoming solar eclipse, people started getting giddy. We got a taste of it in 2017 when the path was centered more out west, but now we're getting our turn.

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Fast forward to now, and we're just a few days away from this majestic solar event. As I was down another of many rabbit holes about the eclipse, I saw someone make an interesting statement: This person said their town would witness a 97.7% totality where they are. Which naturally got me searching for how they got that info, and so specifically.

That's when I found this eclipse calculator online.

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I found a site called, and in there I found all sorts of cool info. Not only could I find the exact percentage of the sun I'll see covered at my house, it also has an animated graphic of what the eclipse would look like from my house. For instance, Portland will see a 96.4% eclipse.

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Just up the highway a couple of hours in Bangor, and the percentage goes up to 98.7% totality. And as we all know at this point, Houlton for instance, is 100%. They're directly in the path of totality. With their calculator, you can get a solid idea of what the eclipse will look like anywhere that it might be visible.

Where will you view it from?

Given that most areas of Maine will see well over 95% totality, or magnitude as they call it in the calculator, I think I'll hang right at my own house and watch it there. From what I've seen on the news and what people from other states say on social media, I imagine it's going to be crazy all up through central and northern Maine.

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Of course, the only thing we have to pray for on the side, is some decent weather to actually view the eclipse. Mother Nature has a way of ruining things for us Mainers, that are weather dependent. So start crossing your fingers now, before the only thing you see of the eclipse, is the simulation from the calculator. Womp, womp.

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