Fashion in 2023

If you really think about it, there are three types of people in the world when it comes to fashion:

1) The people who need to be up on all the latest trends and will only wear an outfit once (or at least once per year.)

2) The people that want to look presentable but don't try to go all out to be a fashionista.

3) The people who wear pajamas to Walmart.

Hey, no judgment on that last one, by the way. Sometimes, comfort wins 11 times out of 10.


Local Fashion Trends

The thing that can be interesting about fashion trends is they're different throughout different areas of the country for tons of different reasons.

Flannel may work perfectly in Maine and New Hampshire during the fall and winter months, but you won't see anyone caught dead in flannel down in Florida. The same way that board shorts are a thing in California but you won't find them anywhere near places like Oklahoma or Texas.

Abby Savage
Abby Savage

Recently, the fashion experts at Boohoo decided to break down the five most popular fashion trends across the country, broken down by state by using Google search data.

While a lot of states overlapped in some of their most popular fashion trends, there were other individual standouts as well. The general consensus? Bomber jackets and graphic tees are two of the most popular fashion trends overall in the country.

Fun fact -- neither of those items made the list of Maine's five most popular fashion trends. What did, though?

The Five Most Popular Fashion Trends in Maine

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