I can't imagine how scary that must've been.

As if the state weren't already on edge, there was a fire at the Bangor Walmart over the weekend. A man, who's since been caught and charged, started a fire in the men's section. There were many photos and videos on social media. And of course, the whole store had to be evacuated, and right now, the Bangor Walmart is still closed.

It seems like these two Maine mega-stores have an opportunity to help each other out.

Stories circulating on social media have indicated that the store is closed for a minute while they get out not only the stuff that was damaged in the fire, but also everything that was damaged by sprinklers, etc. That got me thinking, what's going to happen to all the damaged stuff that came out. Then I realized we also have a local store that specializes in taking in just the kind of inventory Walmart lost in the fire...

Will Marden's buy up all this inventory when they see it?

If you've grown up in Maine, or even casually visited here a few times, you know that retail salvage giants Marden's, is famous for taking in all sorts of inventory from stores from around the country that have suffered incidents just like we saw here in Bangor. So what are the chances Marden's will snatch it all up?

Google Street View

I went into the Marden's closest to me yesterday, and casually asked an employee if they had heard anything about this particular situation. While that person could not confirm or deny that this was or is happening, they did point out it would be very "on-brand" for them to do something like that.

Google Street View
Google Street View

So at this time, there's no way to tell either way if it's happening. But if you all of a sudden start seeing a ton of Under Armor clothing and stuff, you may know why. And who says it's all just clothing? It could be anything. And frankly, we may never hear anything official. But It seems like these two Maine mega-stores have an opportunity to help each other out.

I doubt Walmart or Marden's are going anywhere, but people probably said that about these places once upon a time...

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