I don't know whether we've just been spared, or if I should freak about global warming.

This year seems to have been devoid, at least so far, of any majorly cold weather. This time about a year ago, we had some record low cold roll through. I was up all night, dancing between up and downstairs woodstoves, trying to battle the cold to keep the pipes from freezing.


This year, we've had a couple frigid nights, and a few days with some nasty windchills, but nothing like last year. The extended forecast for this month in general doesn't show a lot of cold, or even a lot of snow for that matter. The only thing we have in our immediate forecast, is borderline unseasonable warmth.

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Parts of Maine could easily hit the big 5-0.

Typically when discussing February weather, you don't throw around numbers in the 50's. Although, I remember a 60+ degree February day a couple years ago, and the warmest February day ever just happened back in 2018 when we had temps in the 70's. But those are extreme anomalies. Those are the exceptions, not the rules.


But this weekend, the National Weather Service is predicting temps that nudge right up on 50, all the way from Portland to Bangor. Naturally, the further north you go, the lower it gets. But even Presque Isle is looking at temps in the 40's. Up there, for this time of year, that ain't bad.

There is one small catch...

Saturday, the day slated to be the warmest, isn't going to look that great. It's supposed to be mostly cloudy, likely with some fog. So it's not like it's going to be a beach day or anything like that. But Sunday looks much better. Temps will be lower in the 40's, but the added sunshine will probably make it feel pretty nice.

Gerald G Gantar
Gerald G Gantar

Look, it's Maine. We're never, ever going to get all thein things at once. If it's sunny, it'll be cold. If it's warm, it'll be rainy. Mother Nature laughs at us constantly; we know this. But hey... any day that it's not hurting my face to go outside in the middle of winter, is a good day in my book.

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