Okay, let's be honest, Maine is home to some delicious food. Yes, Maine offers so much more and food is only one small reason tourists flock to the state. Just in the Old Port alone, you will find a place to eat at almost every corner. But if someone is visiting what would you take them to go eat? Of course, the one food that people need to have when visiting Maine is lobster.

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Before we get into it, think about how you eat during the holidays. For me, I know that wearing leggings or any kind of stretchy pants is key while attending a holiday dinner (or anywhere that I will be eating a lot of food, like a buffet). It happens to all of us, we overeat and usually end up with a "food baby."

Well, one man, Mike Schulmeister, is not new to visiting Maine, but it seems that he may have a slight problem every time that he comes to visit. Schulmeister took to the Portland, Maine, Facebook page to talk about his food experience that seems to happen every time that he visits Maine.

Schulmeister posted a photo that read "not pregnant," and honestly that caught my eye. Why would someone post to the Portland, Maine, Facebook page about not being pregnant? Well, all I can say is I am glad that he chose to post this because the rest was just too funny.

"THIS AWAYS HAPPENS when your out of town and in Maine! It was just a momentary scare. I went ahead and took the pregnancy test and Thank God it was negative," Schulmeister started this post strongly by reassuring us that he is not actually pregnant. He continued to explain what exactly got him "pregnant."

"Luckily the morning after vitamin pill took care of my Hard Night…in Maine…at the “All you can eat Fresh Lobster Buffet”!" that's right, a "food baby" is really what Schulmeister was talking about. He finished the post by saying "My Baby Bump should shrink once I’m back in the Midwest, not enjoying freezer burnt seafood again!"
Hopefully, Schulmeister learned his lesson and won't eat as much lobster next time he visits. The takeaway...don't overeat and wear comfortable pants when you do decide to eat some of Maine's delicious foods.

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