For many of us, we're nearing the 2 month mark for social distancing, distance-learning and working from home. And for many, it's been almost as long that many non-essential businesses have been closed. So, aside from the necessary trips for food, gas, medicine or work, the driveway is the furthest folks have ventured outside of their homes.

We're starting to miss stuff. Like REALLY miss stuff. And we know we're not alone! As we were tooling around online last week, we came across some posts people had shared of themselves or family members standing in front of the places they miss. Some were restaurants. Some were stores. Some were family members' houses.

That got us thinking, and so we put the question out to you...

Who/What/Where do you miss? We called it our "Miss This Monday" show. You guys were in a sharing mood this morning, and we had quite a few people chime in.

Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick Knitting with my friends Wednesday nights at harvest moon deli

Debi Sawyer my work family and our customers! o and the occasional 'too many' ;) french fries cooked.. or onion rings, or fried clams or.......=)

John M Labelle Schoodic point

Megan Bridges Too many spots to name! The library, Bagel Central, the Y, Mardens, and visiting in Cori's kitchen while the kids play.

Wandamae Stoddard Buck Who my sister, What shopping at my leisure, Where Christmas Tree Shop
Cecile  miss my family, church, school office & students, Homegoods & Olive Garden...
Brian I miss being able to read people’s faces as I wait on them because of these blasted face masks.
Bonnie Dining out!
Elizabeth Leavitt I miss... of course Mardens!
Jen Megquier I miss spending time with my Uncle. We talk on the phone several nights per week, but not the same as having dinner with him.
Kathleen Darcy Pelkey If I say sanity that will imply it once existed....
Margaret  Miss dropping off meals to friends.
Mary Attending mass and teaching my dance classes!
Stefanie Brooks Duron My students!!!
We also got a couple of great pictures from some young skating fans in front of their favorite places...
Misty FitzGerald
Misty FitzGerald
Misty FitzGerald
Misty FitzGerald
We know there are people and places folks are missing, far and wide. Just wanted to take a moment to share some of the ones submitted to us, and to let you know you are not alone.
Looking forward to a time where we can all be with where want to be, and with whom.
Until then...we're here. Thanks for listening. :)

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