Now that's a monster cusk. New Hampshire has a new state record.

There's a new state record cusk in New Hampshire. According to New Hampshire Fish and Game, the monster cusk was caught by Ryan Scott Ashley of Gilmanton, New Hampshire. The fish was pulled from the waters of state's largest lake, Lake Winnipesaukee. The official weight was recorded at 12 pounds, 8.48 ounces. The fish measured 35 inches in length.

Cusk are members of the codfish family, and primarily caught durring the ice fishing season. According to New Hampshire Fish and Game, durring the cold winter months cusk become voracious predators. The eel-like fish are more lethargic in the summer months, and are rarely caught durring the open water season.

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In Maine, cusk are listed as a non-sport fish, and are not managed by Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. There's no length, weight, or bag limits on cusk in Maine. Anglers usually will target the fish at night, when they feed primarily on smelts and crayfish.

According to The Maine Sportsman, Maine's state record cusk has stood for over 30 years. Annette Dumond of Fort Kent holds the title of largest cusk. The fish weighed-in at a staggering 18 pounds, 8 ounces. It was pulled from Eagle Lake, March 15, 1986.

The heaviest fish caught in Maine waters was a lake trout, caught by Erik T. Poland, in 2020. The togue weighed-in at 39.2 pounds.

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