After watching just about every episode of the Maine version of North Woods Law, this seems like it was just another day at the office for this guy.

According to various news sources, a man and his two young daughters were fishing out of a 12 foot aluminum flat-bottom boat on Parlin Pond somewhere northwest of Greenville  this past Sunday, when conditions started to deteriorate.  As the waves picked up the small boat began to take on water, and all three eventually went into the pond.

One of the daughters was able to swim to shore where she began to scream for help, while the other two remained in the pond's cold water.

Luckily enough she was heard by Emily MacCabe, who was working in the yard of her camp with her husband, off-duty Maine Game Warden Kris MacCabe.

Mr. MacCabe and a couple of neighbors then sprung into action.  They first found the daughter who had yelled from the shore, and then eventually took the neighbor's boat a quarter of a mile out into the pond to rescue the father and his other daughter.  Both were suffering from hypothermia.

The man and his two daughters were taken back to the neighbor's camp and checked out by the EMTs who had responded.  They did not require any further treatment.

After starring in many episodes of North Woods Law, Game Warden Kris MacCabe is a very familiar face here in Maine.  The show moved away from Maine and into New Hampshire a few seasons ago, but reruns continue to air.

Kris MacCabe was named the Maine Warden of the Year back in 2017, and certainly continues to show us why.

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