This week, Liam Gallagher said he's unable to use Oasis songs in his upcoming concert documentary, Knebworth 22. That's because his brother and fellow former Oasis bandmate, Noel Gallagher, has blocked their use in the film, according to NME.

In explaining their absence from the movie, Liam called Noel an "angry squirt" and a "horrible little man." He also claimed that Noel blocked the Oasis songs he performed at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert in London last month. Liam opened that show by performing two Oasis numbers with Foo Fighters live. Hawkins, the Foo Fighters drummer, died at 50 in March.

Knebworth 22, which premieres theatrically next month, captures Liam's two solo shows at England's Knebworth Festival in June. They came 26 years after Oasis played the fest twice in 1996 for a combined 250,000 fans. Knebworth 22 will air on Paramount+ in the future.

As for the dearth of Oasis songs in the documentary, Liam's explanation came on Twitter after a follower asked him if they would appear.

"No oasis songs as the angry squirt has blocked them he also blocked the oasis I sang for Taylor Hawkins tribute he's a horrible little man," Liam said on Wednesday (Oct. 19).

Hours later, he added, "You can stop us using the songs but you can't erase our memories shame on you Noel Gallagher." (See his tweets down toward the bottom of this post.)

As Liam fans are likely aware, the musician is a prolific Twitter user. The singer's latest solo album, C'mon You Know, takes its name from one of his frequently cheeky Twitter sign-offs — just like his first solo LP, 2017's As You Were. Oasis disbanded in 2009 after Noel departed the group.

Earlier this year, Liam defended Taylor Swift after the pop star shot down Damon Albarn, the lead singer of Blur and Gorillaz, for saying that Swift didn't write her songs herself. Blur and Oasis were big Britpop rivals back in the '90s. As it stands now, however, there's clearly no Oasis reunion on the horizon. Still, Liam has hinted at one in the past.

Foo Fighters With Liam Gallagher, "Rock 'n' Roll Star" + "Live Forever" (Oasis Songs) [Live; Sept. 3, 2022]

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