I. Can't. Even.

It's the stuff of both the coolest stories and the worst nightmares ever.

What would take place during a fated favor between friends will be something neither will ever forget!

I'm sure the conversation started off simply enough:

Friend 1: "Hey, pal, can you come over and help me move some stuff into my new place today?"

Friend 2: "Sure."

The story, as it's told on the Guilford Police Department (that's Guilford CT not ME) goes like this.

*Person buys a house.

*The house, as it turns out, was built in 1843, and at some point in the 1980's it was renovated and an addition was put on.

*Person asks their friend to come help them move in.

*Friend says yes.

And this where it all falls apart ... literally.

*Friend starts moving things into the addition when all of the sudden the floor gives way, and they plunge 20-30 feet into an old stone well filled with freezing cold water, and now debris!

FaceBook: Guilford Police Department
FaceBook: Guilford Police Department

(Let me just say, had I been the one stuck in a freezing cold well, where I couldn't feel the bottom, and I was surrounded by a stone wall and the junk that fell from up above, I don't even know what I would have done, except for have a panic attack!)

Thankfully the homeowner was quick to call for help, and the Guilford Fire and Police Departments came to the rescue.

"They sprung into action sending Guilford Firefighter Venuti into the well to retrieve the victim who was treading water for nearly 25 minutes. Miraculously, the victim only suffered minor injuries but was transferred to the hospital to be checked out."

How in the world could this happen, you ask? You're not alone in wondering this. The answer is this: There was originally an outside well on the property during the 1800s. According to the post, when the renovations were done in the '80s, and the addition put on, the didn't cap the well, or cover it with a sub-floor. Whomever it was who did the renovations simply put a few wooden boards over the hole and called it good. I'm guessing this was NOT up to code.

FaceBook: Guilford Police Department
FaceBook: Guilford Police Department

The thing is, I'm surprised incidents like this don't happen more often. With the number of really old homes in this state alone, and the number of folks who take on home improvement projects on their own, when they may not be qualified enough to do them justice, I bet "fixes" like this are way more common than we think. That's why it's important to really investigate a home before you buy it.

FaceBook: Guilford Police Department
FaceBook: Guilford Police Department

I once put a bid in for an old farm house. Everything had passed inspection, and we were talking next steps, when the real estate agent casually mentioned in passing (as we were talking about what a great yard it had) that it could be funny if one of the kids found the old buried well when playing ball.

Deal breaker right there. Even if you have to do some background research into the property's history, the knowledge you may come across could be valuable, if not live-saving!

Needless to say, I'm betting that friend won't be so quick to lend a hand next time! Great job to all the EMS involved. I wouldn't be surprised if Hollywood came knocking, because that's one heck of a story!

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