Oscar has turned around and is swimming back to the Gulf of Maine.

Over the past few years, Oscar, a shortfin Mako Shark, has swam around both the open waters of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Maine. Recently, he's been way out in open waters, but apparently something has either sparked his interest or persuaded him otherwise, because he's turned around and is heading back our way.

Oscar is 7-feet, 8-inches long, and weighs in at 320 pounds. You can follow Oscar's travels at Ocearch.org and also on Twitter @MakoSharkOscar.

Oscar could live as long as 29 years. He eats bony fish like mackerel, but will also dine on turtles, porpoises, seals and other sharks. He attacks his prey from the bottom up.

Mako shark attacks on humans are very rare, most attacks happen when the fish are entangled within a net that fishermen are reeling in.

We hope that Oscar once again enjoys his stay in the Gulf of Maine.

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