If this picture isn't just the epitome of happiness, I don't know what is. The sweet little "Pet of the Week" is excited to finally feel what it is to be safe and loved.

Pet of the Week, Hancock County SPCA
Pet of the Week, Hancock County SPCA

According to Mariah Donovan, Communications Coordinator at the SPCA of Hancock County, dainty little Dannie is so happy to have been found.

"Dannie Girl has a smile on her face because after being a starving stray in the cold, she now has a nice warm community room with lots of food here at the SPCA-HC!"

For a while, Miss Dannie needed to be monitored, to make sure she was getting enough food, and not eating it all too quickly.

'You may notice that Dannie has some weight to gain. To be fully transparent, we were very worried about the condition Dannie was in when she arrived. She was truly starving. With a cat this malnourished and starved, it is important not to introduce food back too quickly as it can result in a deadly medical complication. Her food intake was monitored daily by staff for weeks while feeding her four small scheduled meals a day to reintroduce nutrients safely."

The good news is Dannie seems to be past the stage of needing to worry too much and is in a good place to have some freedom to eat at her own will now.

"Dannie LOVES meal times and has safely and happily put on more weight to the point where she can be in a community room rather than being monitored in intake. This sweet girl has been through the worst life has to offer, and now she needs someone to show her the best."

Are you that someone? If you want to go visit Dannie or any of the other animals up for adoption at the Hancock County SPCA, you can call 207-667-8088 or visit their website, spcahancockcounty.org.

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