With reports of flooding, closed streets, and other emergencies, the seacoast is battling another Nor'easter. However, the Portland Police Department made a humorous discovery this morning.

The Loch Ness Monster. There it is, right next to Whole Foods. A quick rip right though the city via 295, and you'll be sure to see one of the wonders of the world in all it's glory. The Whole Foods burrito stand is pretty rad, so I don't blame it.

This little slice of obvious humor breaks up what has been a challenging day up and down the coast. The Camp Ellis part of Saco has been closed, as well as many roads. With numerous high tides coinciding with a full moon, and the Nor'easter, half of many communities are seemingly under water. Throw in brutal winds, and thousands are already without power, making for an interesting situation for many to come home to.

Even after the storm pulls away, flooding will be a concern.




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