It's always hilarious to be watching TV and see a reference to the great state of Maine. Even though it may not always be accurate. Even better is when we're able to poke fun at ourselves.

Saturday Night Live may be filmed in New York City, but they've certainly taken the comedy up to northern New England several times. For some hits and definitely some misses.

Weekend Update: Gay Couple From Maine

Weekend Update has been a show staple since Saturday Night Live's inception in 1975. After Maine voted to recognize same-sex marriage we got some serious love during Weekend Update with Seth Meyers. I can't say Bill Hader and Fred Armisen killed the accents, but the innuendo through the sketch was *chef's kiss* perfection.

Maine Justice

This repeated sketch was a bit of a flop for me. Mostly because while I completely get the joke I think actual Maine Justice would have been wicked funny. I will give them points for the nod to WLBZ in Bangor.

Commercial Shoot

A hilarious tribute to the iconic Dysart's commercial:

With an even more iconic blooper reel:

Finally, SNL nails the Maine stereotype. I think we all know people like what Kate McKinnon and Will Ferrell portrayed. Heck, for some of us they could very well be our grandparents. It kind of makes you want to take a trip to Bangor for some of that buttery flaky crust/crispy pastry crust, doesn't it?

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