What's really waiting for you is a bunch of financial misery.

You may receive what looks like a text from Amazon or Federal Express, saying that a package is waiting for you.  If you click the link provided, you'll then be asked to take a survey.  Following that you'll be offered a reward, but only if you provide a credit card # to pay for the shipping.

Paying the shipping fee then signs you up for a monthly $98.95 charge after a 14 day trial period to sample product from the same scamming company.  Then, when the 14 days expires, you'd supposedly be sent some sort of product from the same company.

All this information is provided by HowToGeek.com, which we presume is a reputable company itself.

Remember, believe none of what you hear and then half of what you see.  So, with that in mind, this all very well may be bulls**t.

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