So this morning was kind of insane! That "bomb cyclone" as they had called it, unleashed a white fury of heavy snow and wind the likes we hadn't really seen this winter. Figures it would come on in the middle of April...during a pandemic!

Anyone else feel like somewhere in the world the Murphy, from Murphy's Law, is sitting  with a dart gun trained on Maine, laughing hysterically?!

When we woke up this morning and saw tree limbs all over our neighborhoods all across the road, we knew this storm was no joke. JStew even had one come down on his house and lost power out in Hampden! He wasn't alone. At 6AM, the news reports said over 250,000 Maine residents were without power.

And now Gov. Mills says that it could be into this weekend before some folks have their power restored.

We asked you guys to send us pictures of what things looked like in your neck of the woods. And once again, you delivered.

Here's what the conditions looked like across our state this morning!

Stay safe. Stay home. Let the crews work on these lines in peace. And keep yourselves in one piece by playing it safe!

So Much Snow; So Little Power

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