Summer Road Warriors Start Planning Now To Spend More
Summer road trips in Maine are a must do. Summer is short and after all we do live in Vacationland right? The rub this year is that experts are predicting the highest gas prices since 2014 and that could add expense to your summer fun, so read on to find the lowest gas prices.
8 Observations About Maine From Some Folks From Away
Traveling bloggers Amber and Lee recently visited Maine from the Washington area and came to some very true and somewhat humorous conclusions about Vacationland.
In their blog Awed Travelers, Amber and Lee share photos and their observations after their visit and we think they really understand the w…
Bangor’s 5 Most Hated Intersections
Between tourist season and snowy winters Bangor drivers have enough to worry about when on the road. It doesn't help that some of our intersections cause instant headaches.
Using data collected for the 'Most Dangerous Intersections in Maine', Downtown Bangor reviews and Bangor residents' personal opi…
New Smart Suitcase Keeps Track Of Itself
The future of luggage is coming! It will soon be possible to buy suitcases that are loaded with technology. They can tell you their location using GPS, notify you when they've arrived in baggage claim, open using fingerprint scanning, can weigh themselves, charge your phone, track your trips an…

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