Even after Governor Mills denounced this Twitter feed, they continue to rock on...

Did you know there is a state of Maine parody account? I guess you could call it that anyway, but it is pretty popular, because it boasts an impressive 25.8K Twitter followers. Some of the posts are mildly amusing, some are obnoxious, and some are just flat out dumb, but the author seems to be quite pleased with the attention. And, also seems to be fairly obsessed with lobsters, but hey who can blame him there. Oddly enough, not one tweet about this gross, oppressive heat we have been dealing with for the last several days.

The page was created in December of 2019, and has 2,323 posts so far. And as you can imagine, it was not a big hit with our Governor, who said "This account and its posts are not affiliated with Maine State government" And a simple scroll will prove that point pretty quickly.

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