There are many amazing stories to come out of this Covid-19/Coronavirus situation. People are stepping up to the plate to support one another. The environment seems to be doing better. And the Goonies have reunited.

Yes. You read that right...The Goonies have reunited...even if only for an afternoon, on Zoom.

But it still happened.

And it was kind of the best thing we've seen on the internet in a long while.

Actor Josh Gad, who among other things, is probably best known for his role as Olaf, the lovable snow-man who likes warm hugs from Disney's "Frozen" and "Frozen 2" just happens to be a fanboy of "The Goonies." He was four when the movie was originally released, and to hear him speak about the experience of first seeing it, and then the impact it had on his life, is something many kids from the 80's can completely relate to. I know I did.

In an effort to raise money for The Center for Disaster Philanthropy, Gad decided to attempt to get the cast of his favorite movie to come together by reaching out the the movie's star, Sean Astin, via a Zoom call.

The rest is probably the best 20 minutes of warm-fuzzy reunion happiness that you'll see coming from your computer screen all day.

One of the most striking things about this little gathering is the palpable love these characters/actors have for one another, all these 30+ years later. They don't seem to have aged much at all. They're still as joyful and almost kid-like as ever. And what's more, Gad manages to include many other contributors to the film, like Cyndi Lauper, Steven Spielberg, Richard Donner and Chris Colombus to the mix. So it's not just a cast reunion, but a full on film-family reunion!

So, if you're a fan of the flick, and want some warm and fuzzy feels today, you may want to make an appointment to take your lunch with The Goonies this afternoon. It's definitely worth the watch!

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