SPCA of Hancock County, Communications Coordinator, Mariah Donovan, says say hello-ho-ho to Saint Nicholas Father Christmas, the cat.

Saint Nicholas Father Christmas, Hancock County SPCA
Saint Nicholas Father Christmas, Hancock County SPCA

Donovan says this jolly fellow came to the SPCA as a stray, from a lifetime on the streets, so he really enjoys the comfort of being fed.

"As you may be able to surmise, St. Nick had very few issues hunting food down in the outside world. Now the lucky folks of the SPCA “hunt” his meals for him and he is very
clear on his expectations - NO LATE MEALS! You never have to worry
about forgetting when to feed him because he has a built-in alarm

One of the things he picked up during his time on the streets, Donovan says, is FIV+, which does impact his immune system.

"It would be extra important for him to see a vet if he started showing signs of not feeling well to ensure he gets early treatment. Contrary to popular belief, FIV+ cats can co-exist with other cats, as FIV is mostly transmitted through deep bite wounds."

When playing with this Christmas kitty, remember to bring some toys, Donavan says.

"Saint Nick is a big boy who loves to play, make sure you use appropriate toys so he doesn’t think your hands are toys! He really loves wand toys that he can chase. This cutie goober needs space to play, get his zoomies out, and get all the chin scratchies he deserves! He’s a great cuddle buddy when he’s not busy playing."

This handsome holiday cat has been at the shelter for some time now. Won't you consider taking him home for the holidays, and forever!

"Looking for a last-minute spot on the “nice list”? Come visit Saint
Nicholas Father Christmas and tell him what you want for Christmas.
Saint Nick is in our top five longest-stay residents… I’m sure you can
guess what’s on his wishlist."

If you want to go visit any of the other animals up for adoption at the Hancock County SPCA, you can call 207-667-8088 or visit their website, spcahancockcounty.org.

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