The roads lately have all made us wish we drove snow cats.

Remember those big machines they drove in the original version of The Shining? The first time I ever saw that movie, I was obsessed with the idea of the snow cats. It's basically an SUV type deal with snow tracks on it instead of tires. Kind of like, half snowmobile, half road vehicle.

How cool would it be to drive one of those around? I'd probably feel almost invincible on our winter roads. I know I hate the way I slide all over the place sometimes, even with my all-wheel-drive and studded snow tires. Sometimes, it's just not enough. And if there's ever a place to get answers to weird questions, it's Reddit. For instance...

Can any Mainer put chains on their vehicle?

I sort of assumed that on Maine roads, the only people that could use tire chains were big rigs. Or maybe tow trucks, that kind of thing. I've never really considered putting chains on my own car, but can you do it legally?

I saw someone asking this question on Reddit, so I did my own research, rather than take some know-it-all's opinion on the matter. And naturally, it's all spelled out pretty clearly on the state's website. And though it may appear a bit vague, the answer truly lies in that vagueness.

So in a nutshell, it does say on the books that tire chains are legal in certain instances of rough weather. It doesn't specifically say that cars are ok to use chains, but it also doesn't say you can't. So I would infer that anyone can use chains if they think they need them. And there you have it... Chain away, my friends.

Here's some cool ice build up on Mainer's vehicles. Pretty wild stuff...

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