On second thought, let's put the kayaks back into the garage.

According to Ocearch Shark Tracker, a juvenile great white shark named Martha has recently pinged one of the site's tracking devices in the Georgetown area in southern Maine. She's not very big at this point, logging in at 7 feet and just 184 lbs. Looking at the site you can see how they've tracked Martha beginning earlier this year from off the coast of South Carolina and then up the eastern seaboard to the Gulf of Maine, about 50 miles off the coast.  Martha has traveled 3,032 miles in 214 days now, and it's no wonder that she keeps her figure looking good.

Then there is Gladee, an 8 foot 8 inch, 396 lbs. young great white that was registered about a hundred miles southeast of Corea. Gladee has logged about 7,438 miles in the past 185 days.

Following the fatal shark attack of a woman off Bailey Island in southern Maine last year, the Maine Department of Marine Resources in cooperation with the Atlantic Great White Shark Conservancy based in Massachusetts, is in the process of setting up 32 listening devices off the coast of Maine, all in the southern and mid-coast sections of the state.


One thing that we find very interesting is watching the shark pings roll in and knowing where the "tagged" great white sharks are, by using the Sharktivity app, developed by the Atlantic Great White Shark Conservancy.

So far, we haven't received any Sharktivity app alerts notifying us that sharks have been "pinged" very close to the shore here in Maine, although there have been quite a few in the Cape Cod area so far this summer.

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