This week's WTW clue appeared easy at first, but then when you get right to it, it got a bit harder. Some folks had the right idea, just not quite all the way. Did you get it right?

JStew: As usual yesterday, Cori and I started exchanging some photos for today's WTW. Now, when this gets going, we often end up sending a couple of photos each before we stumble upon whatever we choose. And Cori usually makes about 5 wrong guesses and gives up. Though, to be fair, we usually use her photos because they're awesome. This week, it happened to work out it was mine. But the funniest part, was Cori made a Hail Mary guess that ended up being 100% correct. I think she was 80 times more surprised than I was.

What's Clue Wednesday Answer-JStew
What's Clue Wednesday Answer-JStew

Cori: Seriously--when JStew sent this to me, it was such a Hail Mary guess that I completely surprised myself! I couldn't believe that I was even in the ballpark, let alone had nailed it! Here's the screen shots of our conversation, as proof!


Most guesses are headed in the right direction, but some are a bit nutty... Which is what we love best.

Lisa Gallant Hmmmm...looks familiar.
Furrøw Wøød Ozzy's New Bat Tat!
Mary Klein Drouin Flag
Shawnna Farley A flag of some sort
Terri Turcotte Hairdressers apron
Nancy Neu Hairdressers covering
Kari Jo Davis Curtain, or apron
Cassie Clukey Mitchell Shower curtain or regular curtains
Kelly Mahar Shower curtain
Betsy Goodwin Shower curtain
Richard Browning Shower curtain.
Amber Boobar sasquatch curtains
So, the big reveal is my Bigfoot shower curtain. A lot of people guessed shower curtain, but Amber Boobar hit the nail right on the head.
What's This Wednesday Answer-JStew
What's This Wednesday Answer-JStew


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