I like this line… Want to save your marriage? Don’t sneak around on your spouse — sneak around with your spouse.

Recently Glamour magazine declared tomorrow to be National Date Night in the hopes of encouraging married couples to carve out one night a week to go on a date, without kids, spiffed up a little as there experts claim it is the key to a happier marriage.

In a recent Glamour poll more than 30% of single women said they haven’t been on a “real” date in more than a year, and 88% of women in relationships don’t have regular date nights.

According to Divamoms.com  “Lying in bed watching Netflix and drinking wine is not going to do it,”

So what qualifies as a date night?

It is a scheduled date. Most experts recommended that couples shoot for once a week.

Focus! Turn off the cell phone. The only person you want to talk to is right in front of you.

Do not vent about the everyday Bulls#!t. “If you’re talking about the kids or their bills, it’s not a date,” says Lisa Brateman, a New York-based psychotherapist and relationship specialist. “Those issues are still going to be there on Monday.”

Look the part. “Show a little cleavage, and it’s a home run,” laughs Lyss Stern of DivaMoms.com. “He should dress up for you, too.”

Also remember it is the focus and fun that makes it a great date not the price. Here are a few ideas for great affordable summer dates in Bangor.

Many restaurants have 2 for one price specials like Kosta's where you can have a nice dinner with appetizer and dessert for just $21.99.

Applebee's has a 2 for $20.00 special everyday that includes appetizer and 2 entrees.

Green Tea in Bangor has a buy one get one half price on Sundays

You can go to our DEAL page and get all kind of fun and food for half off.

River City Cinemas shows outside movies all summer long on Friday nights free. Pack a picnic and grab a blanket

Penobscot Theatre has a pay what you wish night at the beginning of the run of each ofl the shows they perform.

Bangor Forrest and the Bog Walk are great places to stroll after a quiet dinner for two