Here's another reason to keep your snaps PG!

Snapchat was an app I didn't remotely care for, at first. However, after some convincing I finally went for it and became an addict. My snaps usually are pointless, stupid or ridiculous.

Snapchat allows you to doodle on a photo, add a caption, or snap a video. You can then set a time length in which someone can see the photo, up to 10 seconds. Some embrace this feature as an opportunity to send out R rated snaps...if you catch my drift. Well those naughty or embarrassing snaps may be getting downloaded!

Snapchat notifies you when someone takes a screenshot of a snap. Now that safeguard is useless with SnapHack. SnapHack allows the user to download any and all snap vids or photos right to their phone, without informing the sender. The app is available for $0.99 in the iTunes store.

In the name of science and crap I decided to try this bad boy out. Because my phone is a piece of crap (it runs on regular unleaded) my friend downloaded the app. She signed into the app using her Snapchat name and password. Then I sent a sexy photo of me in a speedo to her...not really. She viewed the snap with SnapHack and sure enough it downloaded the photo right to her phone. Not only did it save the photo without notifying me, Snapchat showed she never even opened it!

Maybe next time think twice about that Snapchat, or it might Snapback...