Back in the early 20th century a fellow by the name of Garret Schenck was the vice president of the International Paper Mill in Rumford, and he was  also instrumental in the beginning of the papers mills in both Millinocket and East Millinocket.

Schenck High School in East Millinocket was named after him.

Recently, a member of the East Millinocket community sent a sealed letter to the school committee asking them to consider changing the name of Schenck High School to something  else.  For two reasons.

Powerball winner and former resident Gloria MacKenzie recently donated $1.8 million for a new roof for the school, and one idea is to rename the school MacKenzie High School.

Another reason is how our language has evolved over the years, or maybe a better word is degraded.  When  pronouncing the name Schenck, most can't help think of the derogatory slang word "skank".  Skank is defined as a sleazy or unpleasant person.  Most people think of a promiscuous person.

In the letter sent to school committee members, the letter writer explained,
"This is causing some of our graduates when asked the name of the high school from which they graduated, to tell those asking that they graduated from East Millinocket High School".

What do you think?