Funny how life is and sometimes funny how death is.  I have marveled over the ears reading about families who have the deceased posed in the corner with a beer and a fishing pole. I've read about having a cremated loved one pressed into a diamond you can wear on your finger.  Need more?  Well if you want your funeral attendants to leave applauding and saying your were the life of the party to the very end these pallbearers may be your ticket home.

Many family members grieving the loss of a loved one looking for a unique take on the classic funeral service are taking advantage of showmen pallbearers who march, dance and twirl the casket toward its final resting place.

These lively professionals lend a decided different air to the traditionally somber ceremony, and could come at a steep price. The unique show is offered free of charge at some funeral homes, but others charge upwards of $1,500.  Here I've never seen such a thing.