Could A Maine Coyote Actually Catch A Roadrunner?
After the Kennebunk Police Department received a few complaints about coyotes in the neighborhood and then posted VERY humorous information about when and not to report sightings, we thought that we'd do a little digging.
I-95 Drive Home Mystery Artist [VIDEO]
Tonight’s mystery artists covered a song that was a concert opener for Led Zeppelin and a psychedelic blues staple for the Yardbirds and it became one of their biggest hits. Can you guess the song or the artists credited for making it a hard rock standard??
I-95 Drive Home Mystery Artist [VIDEO]
Tonight’s mystery artist in their bar days bought a K-Tel record with tunes by the Kinks on it that they then learned and played at all their gigs to the point one of them would be released as a single by the band. Think you know who they are or the Kinks song they sold to a new generation??

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