Red Sox Are Your American League Champs [VIDEO]
Party on Boston! The Red Sox are American League champs after a 4-1 win in Houston last night. After winning the ALCS four games to one, the first team to 100 regular season wins becomes the first team to the World Series.
I-95 Drive Home Mystery Artist [VIDEO]
Tonight’s mystery artist hails from Canberra Australia and centers his career on composing plus he is the musical director for NBC. However, you know him for composing, playing in and touring with one of the biggest US rock bands. Think you know which one??
One Very Big JBJ Swing [VIDEO]
One big swing of the bat changed game three and may have changed the entire ALCS. An 8th inning grand slam by Jackie Bradley Jr. helped the Red Sox beat the Astros 8-2 and swing the series to a 2-1 lead for the Sox.
I-95 Drive Home Mystery Artist [VIDEO]
Tonight’s mystery artist proved that when it comes to hit songs timing can be everything. This particular artist started playing a song in the 70’s but wouldn’t release it as a single until 1992 when it topped the charts. Can you guess the song or the guy with great timing??

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