Alexis Wright, our favorite Zumba Madam is due to be released from prison on Nov. 23, just six months into the 10-month sentence that was handed down this past May.  She's been a good girl and will be released early.

In the meantime, her attorneys are now working to get illegally uploaded photographs and videos of Alexis off the internet, some which she herself had uploaded.

If you remember, Wright ran a zumba studio in Kennebunk that made most of its money after hours.  Meanwhile miles away attorney Mark Strong was watching.

Currently, Wright's attorneys are finding and then contacting websites that are using the videos and photos without Wright's permission.

If you Google "Alexis Wright videos", it doesn't take too long to find some pretty explicit stuff.

During the investigation, police stumbled on videos that Wright herself had uploaded to the net.  Those videos have been copied and now are abundant, which makes it "challenging" to bring them down according to her lawyer, Sarah Churchill.

Churchill says that she has received some tips as to where the videos are located on the internet and that a letter of removal usually works.

One expert says that legitimate X-rated sites using Wright's videos for profit will be quick to comply and take them down, but that it will be nearly impossible to completely remove them from sites located in countries like Russia and in the "darkest corners of the net.