I just saw this for the first time.  I have always thought that the whole driver-less thing was way off in the future and now I find that Hyundai has incorporated some features into existing cars as a safety feature. The car is called 'Genesis'

This video was made to demonstrate how the technology  in a Genesis model can drive the car for you if asked to, it helps to keep you in your lane and watches the car in front of you for speed change. For this demonstration video the assist was wired not to turn off. As I understand from their information this feature to date is really just there to assist you not really drive for you, although obviously it could.

Also as you are driving if the car in front of you stops unexpectedly and you don't see it is will stop the car.  However, an obstacle that is not a car, i.e. Moose or Person it will not stop for yet. So you still really need to pay attention and rightly so you are after driving...sorta.

I wonder how Genesis would handle an intersection like this:)