As a zombie nerd, this is the best prank ever!

I am proud to say I'm a zombie NERD!!!! You'll catch Chuck Foster and I off-air blabbing about The Walking Dead almost everyday. I own over 50 movie movies. I've read The Zombie Survival Guide cover to cover four times. I'm currently reading World War Z, which will soon be a movie!!!! I have a zombie survival plan and have a stash of survival items at the ready! Heck, I even have given my house a zombie resistance rating...its a 3 out of 5...not good! The land lord wont let me put up a chain-link fence with guard tower. I think you get it...I'm a loon!

When this gem poped up on Youtube I had to watch it! Man oh man I laughed and laughed! My favorite part is the lady that warned of using self defence on one of the pranksters.